Monday, April 15, 2013

College Can B4 Me Annouces Summer Tours for Alabama

College Can B4 Me is excited to announce plans are in the works for Summer Tour 2013. We will visit 6 schools on July 15-16 including University of Alabama at Birmingham, Alabama State University and  Tuskegee University. We are currently accepting sponsorship donations from businesses, Greek and civic organizations, churches or individuals to help offset the cost of the trip for parents and students. By providing a minimal donation of $200, you can ensure a young person has the opportunity to explore all their options. 

We are also accepting in-kind donations such as notebooks, writing supplies and non perishable food items such as chips and water.

As a token of our appreciation, CCB4me is excited to provide the following benefits to our scholarship sponsors:

• Company recognition on marketing materials including, tote bags, flyers, Blog, and T shirts

• Presentation time at the parent workshop

Most importantly, the best benefit is realizing you had a hand in giving a student the opportunity to discover what kind of future they could have and what type of future this country can count on.

For more info on how to donate, email

Sunday, November 25, 2012

B'More, Be More!! HBCU College and Career Fair

College Can B 4 Me invites all High School students and parents in the Baltimore area to its Inaugural B'More, Be More! HBCU College and Career Fair. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meet the Admissions Reps, At Your High School

During the fall, college admission representatives travel throughout the country each spring and fall to visit high schools and host receptions in major cities. If you aren't aware of it yet, your high school guidance counselor will have the colleges and dates when representatives will be available to meet with prospective students in a high school setting. This face time with admissions reps is a win-win for all. Students get a chance to  ask  first-hand about universities that may, or may not have been interested in. The schools get a chance to give their school's story in an effort to carve out their niche in the higher education arena. As a student, you need to be aware that these sessions are just for informational purposes. Similar to a sales meeting with a time share, you are able to ask all the questions you need and receive lots of information, but with no guarantee for admission, although you may receive an application waiver. There is that a great amount of information can be gleaned from college admissions officers who visit your school, if you are listening. Don't know what to be looking for or what to say? Here is a few of tips for when the college rep visits:
1.  Make a point of going up to a college representative who visits their school and introduce themselves.
2. Ask for a business card so they have a name to contact should they have further questions. Colleges are interested in students who are interested in them
3.  Ask  questions that won’t be answered in their brochures like, “What are the biggest strengths at your school and can you tell me any weakness?” or “What kind of students seem to really like your school?”
For more questions to ask, check out this list 
4. If the opportunity exists, you might be able to present your transcript and test scores to get a tentative idea about your eligibility for admission.  This is particularly helpful in determining if a school is a good overall match for your abilities and interests or in learning how you might improve your chances for admission in your state institutions’ application pools.
5. Meeting with a rep from a college you may not have considered may open up the possibility of a school not on your radar. Be open to unknown of schools. But don't use this chance as just a reason to miss class. Be serious in your interaction with the College Admissions rep and they will keep you 

Each high school handles the college rep visits differently. Some may send personal invites to students and some may only restrict the visits to seniors.  Each high school announces their upcoming college visits in various ways and schools have their own policies regarding student contact with college reps.High school visit appointments are announced on admissions Web sites and through college offices at your school. Request to be added to the mailing lists of your prospective schools. Explore admissions Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, blogs and virtual tours.  If a school you are interested in is not yet on your schedule, talk to your counselor about requesting their presence at your school. Most importantly, keep in mind can provide you with knowledge that the website and view books can't. High school visit appointments and reception announcements are announced on admissions Web sites and through college offices at your school. Request to be added to the mailing lists of your prospective schools. Explore admissions Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, blogs and virtual tours.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Program Spotlight: Kappa League of Baltimore

A lot of the motivation in finding and disseminating information about resources comes from the fact that I am the older sibling of 2 High school students. My youngest brother, a current 10th grader, is the one that I have to direct most of my efforts and attention to, it seems though. As a young, Black male, we've been facing some of the common struggles in high school: lack of motivation, bad peer influences, reluctance to demonstrate achievement, etc. Because of this, I made sure that he has had as much positive influence involvement in this education. Today we went to the program orientation/interest meeting for a program he will be entering into his second year of participation, the Guide Right Kappa League, with the Baltimore Metro Alumni of the fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. 

The Kappa League is one of Baltimore’s  premier youth programs for high school age young men. It's  program is designed to aid high school aged young men grow and develop leadership talents through direct mentoring and involvement with the men of the Baltimore Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. The schedule for this year's program is filled with tutoring, community service opportunities and skill development. They are apparently revamping the program to ensure that they can provide the most comprehensive array of services to the boys in the program. Truthfully, I was happy with and impressed with the program components of last year, so very excited to see what else they can get the boys involved in this year. Last year they participated in community service activities like feeding the seniors for Thanksgiving, making Christmas baskets for the homeless, the March of Dimes walk and etc. 

The program is open to males, grades 9-12 in both Baltimore City and County. Because of this , I would have expected a huge turnout, but I know better and of course,this current group is a small one again, less than 20 young males. But these 20 or so guys will be the ones to motivate their peers and hopefully draw in more guys. If you are interested, they are still recruiting. Check out their website, and contact the Kappa League Chair.
Baltimore Alumni-Kappa Alpha Psi

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Standardized Testing-The SAT

What is the SAT? The SAT is a standardized test for college admissions in the United States.  Owned, published, and developed by the College Board, it is the nation's most widely used admissions exam among colleges and universities.

Wondering why you need to take the SAT? Here are 5 reasons to think about when planning to take this test if you are a junior or senior:
1. SCHOLARSHIPS: there are many scholarships based solely on your SAT score. Most scholarships ask what your SAT score is also.
2. Balance out a low GPA: So your grades aren't the best they can be. A high SAT score can balance out a low GPA, and vice versus. 
3. Speeding through college: having a high SAT score can usually prevent you from taking remedial or basic level math and writing skill classes, boosting your process faster in college.
4. Universally accepted: All major universities in the United States accept the SAT as a college entrance exam; most accept the ACT.
5. Requirement for Applying to college: Most, if not all colleges ask for standardized test scores as apart of the application process. Although there is the ACT, as stated before, the SAT is more commonly accepted when the ACT is not always.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10/8/2012-Southern MD College Tour (cancelled)

**This tour has been cancelled. Schools are not closed**

College Can B 4 Me is offering a series of college tours for High School students in the Baltimore Metro area on the days that school is closed. Take advantage of a day off and visit 2 or more colleges. The first tour of the season is Monday, October 8, 2012 and we will travel to Southern Maryland to visit University of MD-Eastern Shore and Salisbury University. Students will have a chance to tour the campus, speak with admissions counselors, eat in the cafeteria and speak with students about what makes their school so great!!! All students are invited but we extend a special invitation to Latino students as Diversity counselors will be available to discuss the Dream Act and attending their institution. For more information and to register, call 443-343-9706 or email collegecanb4me@gmail.